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Hiltonol Mimics Nature by Combining the Essential Elements of Human Immunity

Hiltonol® is a synthetic dsRNA viral mimic and host-defense activator

  • Hiltonol’s® tumor pro-apoptotic effect induces tumor antigen and neoantigen expression

    • Promotes induction of natural killer cells and dsRNA dependent systems (OAS, PKR)

  • Hiltonol® is the preferred critical 'Danger Signal', or Immune Adjuvant  for Cancer Vaccines

    • §Mechanisms include TLR3 and MDA5 mediated systems

  • Hiltonol® induces killer-cell targeting (chemotaxis) and tumor vascular endothelial infiltration

  • Hiltonol® supports the hosts ability to overcome immune suppression ‘checkpoints’ in the tumor microenvironment

    • Via CD8 boost with aPD-1 and APD l-1 checkpoint blockers

  • Hiltonol® activates Immunological memory, facilitating durable tumor responses

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