Activating Innate & Adaptive Immunity to Fight Cancer

Oncovir, Inc is a pharmaceutical corporation dedicated to the development of nucleic-acid-based clinical therapies for cancer, infectious, immune, and degenerative disorders.

We promote Hiltonol® (poly-ICLC) as an experimental viral mimic and broad activator of innate and adaptive immunity. While initially developed as an interferon inducer, Hiltonol® has much broader biological effects in humans, including specific antiviral, immune activating, vaccine adjuvant, and antitumor actions. 

Poly-IC enhances the effectiveness of cancer immunotherapy by promoting T cell tumor infiltration
Sultan H, Celis E et al. (Journal of Immunotherapy in Cancer, Sept 2020)
Mouse tumor models, genetically deficient mice and vascular endothelial cells (VECs) were used to study the requirements for T cell infiltration into tumors. Their findings have strong implications for the improvement of all types of T cell-based immunotherapies for solid cancers. We predict that systemic administration of PICLC will improve immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy, adoptive cell therapies and therapeutic cancer vaccines.