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The Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) 34th Annual Meeting & Pre-Conference Programs

Nov. 6–10, 2019

The Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer's (SITC) 34th Annual Meeting provides a multidisciplinary educational and interactive environment focused on improving outcomes for current and future patients with cancer by incorporating strategies based on basic and applied cancer immunotherapy.

The Annual Meeting consists of cutting-edge research presentations by experts in the field, both oral and poster abstract presentations, and ample opportunity for structured and informal discussions, including important networking opportunities. In addition, the meeting includes updates on major national and international initiatives coming from academia, government and industry, as well as important society projects.

Pre-Conference Workshop on Intratumoral Immunomodulation

Immunotherapy treatments inherently rely on the presence of immune cells, both systemic and localized to the tumor microenvironment. Immunologically “hot” tumors, such as melanoma, have demonstrated enhanced responses to immunotherapy treatments; however, many tumors are “cold”, lacking the necessary immune components for a successful treatment. Many techniques, including radiotherapy, synthetic immunomodulators, oncolytic viruses, and certain systemic treatments, have been shown to manipulate the immune status of the treated tumor microenvironment, and even those tumor sites elsewhere in the body (abscopal effects). Such manipulations can increase the presence of desirable immune infiltrates and potentially lead to favorable treatment outcomes. In this workshop, the current status of intratumoral immunomodulation will be presented and future directions for the field will be discussed, along with their implications for current and forthcoming immunotherapy treatments.

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New York Oncology Investor Conference

Nov. 12–13, 2019

The New York Oncology Investor Conference 2019 will be held at November 12 and 13. The National Foundation for Cancer Research and Perkins Coie are the presenting sponsors. Other sponsors include Cooley law firm, MWE law firm, Venable law firm, Altru Institute, Torreya Partners and Marcum.


Join the leading life science and oncology venture capitalists, family offices, lawyers, pharma executives, startup public and private cancer companies and cancer foundations for a discussion on trends, opportunities and risks in oncology investing. The conference will feature corporate presentations by a select group of public and private oncology companies, and updates on cutting edge science.  

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